Psychogenetics is the process of genetic testing, to evaluate for genetic variations or abnornalities which could contribute to mental illness. the purpose of genetic testing is to evalaution gene variations and familial trends whichcan help predict which psychaitric medications patient may respond to and which psychiatric medications may cause side effects, based on gene sequences and genetic trends. For example a patient may have a certain variant of the seratonin receptor which would make him more susceptable to side effects of seratonin reuptake inhibitors, likewise anotehr patient may have gene sequences suggesting a variant of the dopamine receptor which may predict poor response to haloperidol and otehr high potency antipsychotics.

genetic testing

How can genetic testing affect your over-all psychiatric care plan?

The rapid advancement of the technologies in genetics has prompted genetic testing to become an essential component in clinical practice and research. In the past decades, we have seen how genetics was studied to unravel its relationship to underlying psychiatric disorders. Genetics is one of the most important factors as to how well a patient …

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